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It has been said by several that Agro-industrialisation has the potential to transform any developing country by spurring economic growth. Over the past two decades economic growth on the continent was driven mostly by favourable commodity prices in minerals, oil and agricultural products. Efforts have been made to increase non-traditional exports but growth is limited in some cases due to the structural distortions within African economies.

Over the last 5 years there has been a rapid decline in the growth of the agro-processing sector. Key stakeholders in the industry claim that this is due to distortions in the agribusiness value chain including poor access to finance for small businesses or small holder farmers, high interest rates on loans, the high cost of capital goods  and the production of low quality products that do not compete well with imports.

We at Chase Resources understand that Agro-industrialisation is key to economic growth and it is crucial to Zambia’s future; we provide solutions to agro processing and manufacturing businesses that would either like to growth their businesses from small scale to fully industrialised entities or to move from commercial farming into agro-processing. We work with our clients to find the optimal solution that drives the growth of their business. Our goal is to see the Zambian economy transform into a thriving industrialised one with high quality value added goods that compete well on international trade platforms.