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Capital Raising and Advisory Services: We understand that the high cost of equipment needed to mechanise or industrialise businesses processes in the agro-processing value chain is a challenge to growth. Chase Resources arranges the necessary financial resources required through partner financial institutions on behalf of its clients. Our goal is to provide funding from alternative sources at rates cheaper than current market interest rates that can be used to foster economic growth.

Mechanisation Services: We work with agro-processing and manufacturing businesses to craft bespoke solutions to their processing problems identifying the correct machinery and equipment needed to enhance the existing process flow that will produce high quality value added products.

  • Peanut butter production
  • Cashew nut processing
  • Animal or Stock feed production
  • Cassava Processing (food and other industrial products)
  • Tomato processing
  • Grain Milling (Rice, Maize, Wheat, Soya)
  • Edible oil Production
  • Fruit Canning and Juice Extraction
  • Meat, dairy, leather and leather products
  • Fish canning and fish meal production
  • Cotton Spinning and Textiles
  • Bio-diesel production and ethanol production
  • Honey processing
  • Metal processing

New markets for value added products: We help commercial farmers and agro-processors find new markets for their value added products. We also provide futures transactions through our partners if our clients trading in wheat, maize and soya need the service. We do this to help prevent massive financial losses that local businesses make from trading in the local currency.

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